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Transport to your farm


Formula Forage Australia Contracts the professional services of local company, DJ & SD Collins Transport.

On site weighbridge

Having an onside weighbridge means we can maximise your freight cost on a per ton/per kilometer basis.


A docket of loading accompanies each load and a copy is given to the client upon arrival.  


The fleet at Collins Transport are accredited for "High Mass" under the Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme.

26 meter B-double or single semi

Loades are ordered in either a 26 meter B-double unit, (with a payload of up to 41 ton,) or a 19 meter single semi unit, (with a payload of up to 25 ton.)


Note: Some routes will impose road loading/heavy transport restrictions which may affect the size of the truck which makes your delivery.


Farm access requirements



Note: There are two sized B-doubles on Australia's roads. One is 19m in total length and the full size B-double is 26m in total length.  Our B-doubles are the 26m units.  Where a 19m milk tanker turns at your property may not be enough room for a 26m B-double to turn.


As a guid, a 19m single semi and prime mover has a turning radius of 13m kerb to kerb.  A 26m B-double, A trailer, B trailer and prime mover has a turning circle of 15.5m.


All access roads must be dry, of firm bace and suitable for heavy transport equipment




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