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Presision Cut


All forage is harvested using a precision cut forage harvester.  These machines have the ability to adjust the length of cut from the press of a button, inoculant is applied by the harvester and a kernal processer is installed when harvesting corn to maximise digestabiliy.


Why fine chop?


Fine chop forage harvesters take the whole plant and chop it into fine material from 12mm to 17mm, by doing this, the material packs tighter, meaning less oxygen content for a superior ensiled forage. 


It improves the digestibility of the forage and makes it an easier material to mix with the other ingredients in your ration.


What is a Kernel Processor ?


When chopping corn silage, we equip the forage harvester with a Kernel Processor.  This unit is positioned after the knife drum and before the chute accelerator.  It consists of two rollers, both hard faced with aggressive grooving.  The top roller turns 30 percent faster that the lower roller.  They oppose each other with a clearance of just 6mm.  This guarantees thorough kernel cracking and boost silage digestibility.




How is inoculant applied ?


Inoculant is applied as a liquid, sprayed through a jet which is directed just before the material travels up the spout and into the truck. 


Inoculant is applied to all crop Formula Forage Australia harvests.


How can fine chop be fed?

Fine chop forage is easily fed in a trough via a mixing wagon, dropped into a hay ring or line fed on the groung, preferably on rubber belting.


Unlike processing hay in a mixing wagon, it doesn't require chopping.  It quickly blends with the ration, even with the use of a small horsepowered tractor.


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