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The baling process


The key to quality silage is the removal of oxygen.  Formula Forage Australia uses an industry leading fine partical press which operates at 3500psi, the compaction ratio is 3:1



Plastic on plastic

Plastic on plastic means there is no twine or netting which can wrap around your mixing wagon knives.  Bales are easy to cut open with a sharp knife.


Formula Forage Australia use's only "Tapex" brand silage films.  There are many brands of silage film on the market today, we believe tapex manufacture the best film to withstand the suns UV output here in Australia.

Some of the benifits include:


- Less oxygen

- Less micotoxines

- Less heat (recorded at up to half the temperature of a pit)

- Faster ensiling process

- Maximise freight

- Better shaped bales / longer storage

- Transport efficiency (up to half the cost on a ton per kilometer basis.




Four layers of plastic film is appied around the length of the bale inside the press chamber whilst under extreme pressure.  The bale is then released from the chamber and recieves a further 7 layers of a high grade plastic film, this time around the whole bale.







Benifits of high compaction
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