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The concept of Formula Forage Australia was born in the cab of forage harvester in the fields of Southern Alberta, Canada.  The companys founder started a silage contracting business there in 2011 to service beef feedlots in Alberta.  The business has grown to a throughput of 70,000 ton of corn and cereal silage over a 10 week season.


Through being involved in fine chopped silage both in Australia and Canada, an interest grew as to how to produce the best quality silage, relationships with other contractors around the world were developed.  Regular talks with contractors in Brazil, Ireland, New Zealand, Germany, America, Canada and Australia as to what machinery and techneques are being used to produce quality silage in their area shaped the process of what we do.


Formula Forage Australia takes alot of pride in what we do.  There is constant R&D happening to impove the quality of the feed we supply, and to develop new feed options to suit your operation.


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